Shumaker Williams, P.C. Business Continuity Update

This is a challenging time. The Covid-19 virus has created local, national and international concerns about the effect on business operation and commercial transactions. Court and arbitration systems have limited access to litigants, postponed most trials and hearing dates, or offer hearings by electronic means only.

Our chief priority remains the safety and well-being of our clients, collegues and staff. Shumaker Williams, P.C. remains open and operating. All matters entrusted to the Firm are receiving the proper attention, and we are happy to assist with new matters and issues. Attorneys continue to be available both in our offices and remotely via e-mail and telephone. All attorney contact information may be found on our website. However, to practice social distancing encouraged by public health officials, and in Pennsylvania to comply with the Governor’s most recent pronouncements, we will not be meeting with clients in the office until further notice.

If you have questions concerning your business’ response to the Covid-19 crisis, we can help. We have been participating in telephone calls with individual clients, and trade and professional associations in various professions and industries with respect to appropriate responses to the challenges presented from both a legal and operating viewpoint. It is clear to us that any business planning responses to the virus will have to be continuous. We recommend that a company develop a small group to meet frequently to address modifications and update your plans as the circumstances change. During the last several weeks the circumstances have been changing rapidly, almost on a daily basis, and you cannot wait until the last minute to respond. Your response team should be using scenario planning, considering both potential short-term and long-term assumptions.

We hope that the duration of the Covid-19 impact will be limited in time and numbers affected, but regardless of how long it lasts, our Firm will have ample resources to service our clients and keep our people safe. Thank you for putting your trust and confidence in Shumaker Williams, P.C.

Sincerely yours,

Keith A. Clark

Keith A. Clark, Chairman




Shumaker Williams

March 23, 2020