Meredith M. Mason and Evan C. Pappas co-author chapter in ABA Intellectual Property Deskbook

Shumaker Williams, P.C. is proud to announce that Meredith M. Mason and Evan C. Pappas have co-authored a chapter in the most recent edition of the American Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Deskbook for Business Lawyers.  The book as a whole is intended to  be a “go to” reference for general practitioners, business lawyers, and corporate counsel who need to quickly learn and understand the intellectual property issues that arise in various business contexts.  Meredith and Evan authored chapter 14 of the Intellectual Property Deskbook titled, “Insurance and Intellectual Property Litigation” which highlights many areas related to insurance coverage of intellectual property.  Specifically, their chapter covers topics such as the various varieties of insurance that cover intellectual property assets and disputes, the scope of coverage provided by different policies, the claims process and the trends that have been evident in the industry with regard to coverage and exclusions for certain intellectual property matters.

A link to purchase the book can be found here. (Shumaker Williams, P.C. receives no commissions from sale of this book).



July 26, 2013